QC Vision

We provide a curriculum that is grounded in Chinese culture with a strong impetus of international vision to set sail for children’s journey of a happy life.

Qiancheng, an immersive bilingual kindergarten, provides children with a curriculum that is grounded in Chinese culture and embraces international perspectives. Qiancheng children are cultivated to be strong in communication, cooperation, critical thinking, and problem-solving, which altogether promote lifelong learning dispositions. Eventually children will grow to be healthy, positive, and confident.

QC Value

The two characters in the name Qiancheng represent the Chinese wisdom of living and socialising. Qian (谦) means being humble and Cheng (诚) means being honest. Qiancheng believes that a healthy and all-round person is not only humble and honest but also receptive and respectful to diversity and differences.

In QC, we encourage children to accept the simultaneous existence of good and bad while we teach children about optimisation. Whether it's happiness or anger, sadness or joy, we value children's expression of emotions and we teach children emotions regulation by recognising, accepting and managing.

While grounded in Chinese culture, QC provides children with advanced international curriculums. We encourage children to develop critical thinking, have a free and open mind, and learn to be independent while learning about Chinese culture and value.